Welcome to Cytex.nl

I am still working on my whole concept and layout. Whether to make my main site a blog, if so what will I be blogging about and stuff like that. For now check out my other two blogs.

The Tech Guy: All about tech, still trying to find my place and niche in the blogging world. I'm not even sure if the name will work for me. But hey you have to name it something right. Gaming tech, Mobile tech, tech in general, you will find this all here. I'm mainly trying go help people get a clear picture of what most products are and what you get for your money. As in, what is inside and what are the specifications. Is it really that good as stated on paper. Maybe you're just looking for some advice, that's where I can help too!
Feel free to give me feedback, maybe ideas. For example, you've got a great name. Or you think the posts in a particular topic are better than the rest and think I should focus primairly on that topic.
The Entertainment Guy: This blog and the tech blog orignally were one blog. But I decided to split them into two, otherwise it was a blog covering way to many topics at once. Now I've choosen a few topic that go well together and I have experience and knowledge in. These are the results two blogs, tech blog and a entertainment blog. Again the name doesn't sit right with me so if you have any suggestions or what ever feel free to comment or leave feedback. Maybe even mail me. Movies, television and series, yeah I've watched a lot of them and still do. And no I'm not lazy, it's just living with a chronic disease and spending almost 80% of my time in the hospital gives me lots of time of being bored. So trying to fight the boredom, I decided to watch movies and series. And I've watched a lot trust me!